5 steps to more effective open innovation

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Explore what you can do to create more effective open innovation for your business.

Adopting open innovation within your business holds lots of benefits – from bringing external ideas into your company to driving new solutions, collaborating to bring down costs and partnering to increase competitive advantage.

More effective open innovation creates greater connections which lead to successful, scalable innovation. Find out how you can make open innovation more effective within your organisation with our free five-step e-guide.

There is more knowledge and expertise out there than any company can own or even control. Innovation just has to be collaborative. That is why open innovation is not just important, it’s a necessity.
Dr Nick de León
Executive Education & Knowledge Exchange Lead, Royal College of Art

The importance of a diverse community in open innovation

Our guide to making open innovation more effective will give you excellent pointers on how to ensure your innovation has the best chance of success. Fundamental elements of open innovation include being part of a diverse community and welcoming external ideas into your business.

Networking is a vital step for finding the best companies and breakthrough innovators to collaborate with. Become part of a community like the Open Innovation Fellowship for an effective way to improve the potential of your open innovation and to access vast networks of businesses across London and beyond.

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