GROW Summit 2023

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Discover how GROW Summit 2023 was a huge success and find out the key points from the event's sessions.

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From the prestigious London Stock Exchange's market opening to the exquisite Annual Dinner at the Tower of London, the UK's leading scaleup summit was filled with learning opportunities, insights and networking.

The Scaleup Insights Breakfast held at Lloyd’s of London featured talks by top entrepreneurs emphasising resilience and growth.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the Scaleup Retreat, a two-day networking getaway at Birch in Selsdon. The retreat fostered unique connections through immersive workshops and outdoor activities.

The final day, Future Horizons, consisted of world-class keynotes, stimulating panel discussions and opportunities to network with 200 innovators. Topics covered future trends such as the new economics of creativity, digital assets and AI's impact.

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Thank you so much. I made so many great connections, learnt a lot and have a huge number of new ideas for the business. It was one of the best networking and learning events I’ve attended.
Jamie Brown

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