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Find out how to hire highly skilled workers in London through recruitment agencies, sector-specific job boards and events or more unusual channels. Upskill your employees with training, workshops, mentoring and events in London.

Recruiting in London

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, you want to find the best people for your team. The following selection of recruitment sites and events cover London, with a focus on the technology sector.

  • Crème de la crème: a community of expert freelancers in software engineering, product design and digital marketing is carefully vetted for each project.
  • Hired: an algorithmic platform with pre-vetted candidates that lets you post your position, review your matches and connect with potential hires.
  • Silicon Milkroundabout: the premier jobs event for companies ready to hire tech talent.
  • Specialists Grid: an enterprise technology job marketplace that connects IT suppliers, contractors and freelancers with employers, with a focus on rare skill sets.
  • Tech.london: an online platform and guide to the startup community, listing London’s incubators, workspaces, courses, jobs and upcoming events.
  • The Dots: a well-respected recruitment site that connects creatives with employers seeking full-time and freelance help.
  • Otta: the latest jobs and internships from high-growth companies in London.
  • Unicorn Hunt: a job board for startups with many postings from the tech scene in London.
  • Work in Startups: find people for your startup, including full-time, part-time and freelance candidates.

Recruiting graduates

The following sites can help you connect with new graduates.

  • Advertise a job: post vacancies on the official government website.
  • Mountbatten Program: a unique international placement and study programme connecting businesses with ambitious graduates from around the world.
  • Prospects: one of the main sites for recruiting graduates fresh out of university.
  • Skills London: one of the biggest jobs and careers events for people aged 14-24.
  • Student Circus: jobs and internships from employers able to sponsor the Skilled Worker visa.
  • The Careers Group: University of London’s careers portal.

Recruiting for digital skills

London is home to a range of specialist digital training organisations that equip people of all ages with high-quality, in-demand skills. Find recent course completers at:

  • DigitalGrads: training graduates in practical digital marketing skills.
  • Flatiron School: a tech bootcamp teaching coding and software engineering skills.
  • General Assembly: expert-led training in coding, data, design, digital marketing and more.
  • Le Wagon: a coding bootcamp leading to junior developer status.
  • UP School: empowering women through a tech bootcamp, closing the gender gap and promoting workplace diversity.

Unexpected places to find talent

Charities and social enterprises

Recruiting from these organisations can ensure your new hires benefit the community as well as your business.

  • Code First Girls: hire future tech leaders through this social enterprise that provides free coding courses for women.
  • Rest Less: hire experienced and motivated people aged over 50.
  • Hiring former prisoners is proven to reduce reoffending. The government website is a good place to start, while prison education provider Coracle Inside offers access to vacancies from employers who support the recruitment of ex-offenders.
  • The Ability People: this social enterprise empowers the skilled disability workforce.
  • Consider using Auticon, whose consultants are on the autism spectrum, for B2B services to clients in service sectors.

Specialist agencies

  • FDM: recruits, trains and deploys tech workers including graduates, ex-forces and returners to work.
  • Life After Professional Sport (LAPS): this organisation sources elite athletes for work experience, one-day-a-week placements or full-time contracts.
  • Consider working with a recruitment consultancy such as Equal Approach to ensure an inclusive hiring process and diverse workforce.

Government-funded employment agencies


  • The Return Hub: this agency hosts experienced candidates returning to work in financial services.
  • Capability Jane: find staff with more than 10 years’ experience in backgrounds including sales, finance, HR and marketing.
  • F1 Recruitment: source specialists in PR, marketing and communications who have taken time out to raise a family or work as a carer.

Professional bodies

Professional bodies are an excellent way to reach experts in particular fields, and many offer specialist recruitment services.

See a full list of professional bodies in the UK.

Hiring apprentices

Training providers in London can help you recruit, train and manage your apprentices, no matter the size of your company.


From formal training to workshops, mentoring and events, London offers a variety of ways to develop professional skills.

Training and education

Mentoring, networking and volunteering

London has great access to experienced business mentors to support you and your key staff.

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