Welcome to London – Europe’s global business city

Tower of London at sunset with The Shard, river Thames and the London skyline in the backdrop
London inspires international success with its rich talent, progressive sectors and diverse scope of customers.

Why London? Its leading talent, transport links, business-friendly regulation and endless possibilities for growth foster the world's most successful companies. 

1. World-class talent

London's workforce is made up of more than five million people that speak hundreds of languages and share diverse strengths. This includes 46,000 tech companies supporting 240,000 jobs in an ecosystem worth $44bn[1], nearly 800,000 creatives[2] and world-class professional services partners.

2. First choice for headquarters

London sits at the core of EU, Asian and US time zones, and the UK capital attracts more European headquarters than any other city.

One of the strongest regions and cities on the planet is London. It’s highly attractive, and it offers one of the best prospects for business development and innovative thinking. London is the showcase for our work throughout Europe and is paramount in our global strategy.
Finsphere Corporation

3. Business-friendly environment

Flexible employment law, low-cost legal structures, entrepreneur visas and capital gains tax relief make London one of the easiest cities in Europe to do business.

4. Access to customers

London provides easy access to a large, young and high-income audience and, with almost nine million people, London is western Europe’s largest city. Research undertaken by Deloitte in the UK in 2021 concluded “sustainability remains a key consideration for consumers in 2021.”

The five sustainable brand practices consumers value most are: waste reduction, reducing carbon footprint, providing sustainable packaging, committing to ethical work practices and respecting human rights. 

5. Great transport links

Low-cost rail and air links make the capital Europe's most accessible city, with swift access to global territories. London's Elizabeth line opened in May 2022, optimising the capital's transport network. The development greatly reduces the journey time between the city's major transport hubs and business centres, including improved connections between Heathrow Airport, London Paddington, the City of London and ExCeL London. The line opens London to further investment and helps businesses connect with clients and customers with greater ease. 

6. Investment and innovation

Secure investment and develop new ideas with the help of Research and Development tax credits, the Patent Box scheme and the Enterprise Investment Scheme. Form innovative partnerships and optimise for your markets during London’s many sector-specific events.

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