London for tech

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London is a world-leading destination for tech startups and scaleups.

Powered by the ingredients a tech company needs to succeed, it offers access to investment, talent, a tech-savvy consumer base and a thriving business ecosystem.

Top 10 reasons to set up, grow or scale in London

1. Ecosystem

London's leading tech ecosystem is currently worth £621.5bn, having grown eight times since 2014.[1]

2. Connected

Six international airports connect to 384 cities[2] and high-speed trains to Europe.

3. Talent

London is Europe's leading tech hub, with more than 600,000 tech jobs open between 2021 and 2022[3].

4. Customers

Third highest ecommerce spend per capita in Europe. In the UK, online retail sales reached £106bn in 2022[4].

5. Research and development

Tax incentives for innovations. SMEs get enhanced deduction of 186% of qualifying R&D expenditure[5].

6. Launch pad

London is the launch pad for the next generation of tech, from green finance to impact technology.

7. AI

As of 2023, London is home to 1,382 AI companies, with the number of companies doubling every two years[6].

8. Investment

London leads foreign investment with $19.8bn in VC investment in 2022, more than double that of any other European city[7].

9. Growth

Key sectors have shown resilience and have large growth potential, including cybersecurity, software as a service and healthtech.

10. Quality of life

London has 3,500+ pubs, 857 art galleries, 215 museums, eight Royal Parks and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Investment into London tech 

2023 presents a strong tech scene in London, with 2022 seeing a surge in megarounds ($100m+ rounds) accounting for just under 60% of all funding[8].

London leads foreign finance investment with $19.8bn in VC investment in 2022, more than double the investment of any other European City[9].

The capital is producing some of the fastest growing tech companies in the world, with 103 Unicorns now based in London[10].

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World leading tech hubs: London and Bay Area

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