Sustainability and business in London

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Discover how sustainability is a win-win for your business. The benefits of setting up a sustainable business in London include a supportive policy environment and an ecosystem that favours sustainable products and services.

How sustainability can benefit your business

Bringing sustainability into your business strategy and joining the Race to Zero can open a wide range of benefits.

From cutting costs and improving competitiveness and the quality of opportunities, to raising funding and being in a consumer market that strongly favours sustainable brands[1] London provides an ecosystem where companies that do the right thing for the planet and their communities can thrive.

How London is delivering

The Mayor of London has set an ambitious target for the capital to become a net zero carbon, zero-pollution city by 2030 and a zero-waste city by 2050. 

Under the adopted Accelerated Green pathway, London will work towards a reduction in emissions of 78% by 2030.  Key targets to achieve this include the installation of 2.2 million heat pumps, 460K connections to heat networks and a 27% reduction in car vehicle km travelled.   

This pathway will support the creation of many jobs and skills, in particular in the areas of retrofit and transport.  It will also guide the work of the Green New Deal mission, which aims to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies and improve air quality by doubling the size of London’s green economy by 2030. 

Both the public and private sectors have a pro-active role to play, from capitalising on business opportunities for retrofit and decarbonisation of transport, to investing in green technologies and improving energy efficiency and waste reduction.   

Read more about the Green New Deal and how you can take part

Sustainability guide PDF

For an in-depth look at good practices and the opportunities available for sustainable businesses, download this free guide:

The London ecosystem

Sustainability is also an increasingly important decision factor for consumers in London and the UK.

  • 61% of consumers have cut down on single- use plastics. [1]
  • 91% of the public asked would choose a sustainable hotel over a standard one. [2]
  • 34% of consumers in the UK choose sustainable and ethical brands. [1]

London is home to some of the most creative and diverse talent and companies in sectors where sustainability is at the core:

Events and conventions

London is home to iconic venues that host world-class events and conventions. With the city open and welcoming live events, sustainability is also a key factor for businesses that choose the capital for their events.

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